Best Furniture Stores in Dubai

Interior Designers choice in selecting the best furniture stores in Dubai

Every interior design set up requires an accurate style and decorations that will be completed by selecting furniture and accessories that will enhance the full arrangement and style. Selecting the best furniture design according to every interior design concept was indeed such a challenging task. For a huge interior design set up or public areas arrangement it is always advisable to consult an interior design specialist to be able to make sure that the full interior decoration will be very well conducted appropriately. Since Dubai has become the center of diversity where all sorts of nationalities and professionals are residing in, Dubai has become the best choice to live and invest in a property. That would be another reason why architecture and interior design and even property developers company is very in demand not only in the city but in the whole country. To complete property or interior design, the major requirement to fill it in is the furniture and decorations. It is very important to select the best and appropriate furniture design according to every concept of the interior.  In this article, we have shared the most informative facts about the best furniture stores in Dubai that has become the top of the list and choice of every interior designer.

Top 1. Luxury Antonovich Home – It is located at the heart of the city, is located at the prime location has become one of the greatest advantages of its marketing strategy as it is very accessible for the nearby exclusive villas and establishments and even on the city business center itself. Luxury Antonovich home has its own exclusive furniture branding wherein every piece of work of art is being crafted by its very own chief designer itself, “Katrina Antonovich” which is also very well-known international in the world of architecture and interior design. Luxury Antonovich Home is especially featuring its exclusives furniture creation, the “KA Brand” with the very exclusive and luxurious design having its unique touches of elegant and signature style. Luxury Antonovich Home is also under the management and directed by Luxury Antonovich Design, which has become very famous not only in the country but also in the international as the creator of the world-class outstanding architectural and interior design. No doubt, locals and foreigners have been always considering the Luxury Antonovich Home as the most reliable furniture store in Dubai. What is more convincing is that, Luxury Antonovich Home has its own furniture manufacturing and factory that has the ability to produce all types of luxury furniture all over the world. It has its in house furniture designers and skilled production team that ensures the best quality and exclusive design in every luxury art pieces. Luxury Antonovich Home features a different set of luxury furniture designs that will be suitable for all types of interior design concepts.

List of services offered by Luxury Antonovich Home

  • fit out Services
  • Interior Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Furniture Supply
  • Furniture Installations and Services
  • Joinery works
  • Customized furniture (chandeliers, carpet, curtains, furniture)
  • Furniture delivery

Top 2. IKEA Dubai – This international furniture corporation opens its doors to all sorts of readymade furniture designs. IKEA Dubai features budget-friendly furniture design and decorations mostly in a modern design concept. Entering IKEA Dubai is like stepping into a world of interior design with a huge set of selections and varieties commonly for home interiors, office furniture, and outdoor decorations. Everyone can enjoy furniture shopping while experiencing different sets of ideas and arrangements of furniture design. IKEA Dubai has introduced new trends and modern furniture design for a conventional house design. Most of the furniture that IKEA Dubai is offering is a self-assembled or easy to install. However, for huge furniture materials, they are also offering delivery services and installations with extra charges.


Top 3. Home Box (Centre point) has become one of the greatest competitors of IKEA Dubai, Home The box is a huge department section of every center point store that can be seen in almost every mall in the city. They are offering different types of home furniture design varieties mostly in modern design. Home Box has become very accessible for furniture seekers as it offers a budget-friendly furniture price. However, since that home box is not an independent furniture store, it has remained focussed on decorations and home accessories which are not advisable for furniture seekers who need a complete furniture arrangement and set up.


Top 4. Marina Home features a great combination of luxury style and nature-inspired furniture decoration. Marina home store can be found inside luxury malls in the city such as Dubai Mall. Since they are offering huge prestigious interior design materials, Marina home furniture stores occupy a very huge shop space. Marina home has introduced the great influence of classy design and decorations with a very relaxing twist having a great contribution of different nature masterpieces such as natural plants and native materials. An amazing cosiness surely awaits your interiors once you have selected a one of a kind decoration set by Marina Home.


Top 5. West Elm is featuring modern furniture design with different forms of art and style. It is offering complete furniture varieties for the full interiors commonly for homes. With a great style of modernity and trendy design, West Elm has become very in demand for the furniture seekers for modern interior design arrangements. It has been categorized as one of the best furniture stores in Dubai as it offers a different design with playful hues and materials in the form of art deco. Achieve the perfect form of style and modernity right at your very own comfort zone, check out the West Elm stores, and website for more information and services.

Dubai indeed has the widest range of furniture stores that offers the best product and services, it is always the matter of the concept or the ideal style that every interior design is requiring. However, the best tips and recommendation from every interior design specialist is to select the top furniture stores that offer a one-stop-shop from product selections, services and most importantly, convenience. Always remember that in selecting the furniture and decorations for every interior, it is very important to consider your personality and style from selecting the concept design up to the final touches of accessories arrangements, After all, interior design most especially for a home will reflect your personality and lifestyle. Always prioritize your comfort and style over anything else.