Top 5 furniture stores in Dubai

How to select a furniture store that will suit your style?

In every interior design set up either it is for residential, hospitality of corporate arrangement, it is always important to make sure to know the most accurate concept design that will be suitable for the owner’s personality or the field of business. Interior design for residential use may be classified in different aspects such as an apartment, villa, or even a palace. These classifications may always require a different mood or style that will be completing the full design structure of the interior set up. The major part to accomplish the interior design setting of every residential house is selecting the right furniture design. When it comes to the furniture design selection, there will be different types of furniture stores in Dubai that will be suitable according to the interior design concept. Here are the 5 top selected furniture stores in Dubai that offers different types of furniture variants and services.

No. 1 Luxury Antonovich Home

Luxury Antonovich Home is Dubai’s one-stop-shop for the complete furniture design selections in all types of concepts. It has the widest variants of a selection of premium class materials and high-quality finishing. Luxury Antonovich Home is being recognized all over the world with its exemplary work of art which has been diverted in beautiful furniture design creations. Though Luxury Antonovich Home is very well known for its luxurious furniture design and classic style interior makers, having it’s top-notch in house furniture designers and interior designers are what makes it extra exquisite when it comes in furniture styling that has the full ability to perform new design ideas and cope up with modern style and technologies. It has become their greatest advantage to have its own manufacturing and factory that creates a set of exquisite furniture design as well as customized furniture design. Whether you are inside or outside Dubai, Luxury Antonovich home offers a hassle-free experience towards every client as it has the most professional team that has the full ability to perform local deliveries and even furniture export all over the world.

List of Services offered by Luxury Antonovich Home:

  1. Widest selection of furniture design
  2. Customized Furniture, carpets, curtains and chandeliers
  3. Home automation, the latest home technology that features high definition security cameras, audio, curtain, air-condition and lighting control
  4. Home theatre furniture and set up
  5. All types of luxury home accessories and decorations
  6. Exquisite fabrics and embroideries
  7. Family logo design
  8. Wardrobe, doors and complete kitchen joinery setting
  9. All types of decorative flooring design materials (Mable’s, water jet, carpet, tiles, etc.)
  10. Wallpaper and panelling design
  11. Furniture deliveries
  12. Furniture installation and fixing services
  13. Furniture import and export
  14. Sanitary materials and accessories
  15. Kids bedroom and play area furniture
  16. Covers and cushion
  17. Office furniture
  18. Hospitality furniture and decorations
  19. Interior design services and consultancy
  20. Outdoor furniture
  21. Online shopping from its own website

No.2 IKEA Dubai

It is the biggest furniture group of companies in the world.

IKEA is originated in Sweden, known for a multinational group of companies. It is very well known for ready-to-assemble furniture. They also offer furniture deliveries and installations with extra charges. So if you are very adventurous when it comes to assembling your own furniture and stuff, IKEA would be the right place for you.

No. 3 Home Center in Dubai

Home center Dubai one of the best competitor of IKEA Dubai, since they are having the same features and services offered, Home center Dubai can always be found in every huge mall all over the city. It is often having special offers and furniture sale items that are surely suited to your budget. Just like the IKEA Dubai, Home Center Dubai is offering furniture deliveries and installations with extra charges.

No. 4 Marina Home

If you are looking for furniture design and decorations with a close to nature ambiance desired, Marina Home would be the perfect furniture store that will surely suit your style. Marina home is featuring the use of natural plants as main decorations, furniture, and home accessories using different types of natural materials. However, Marina Home is focused on home interior design arrangements as they are offering more on home furniture and decorations.

No. 5 Pottery Barn

An American style furniture store which is originated in its mainland, Manhattan USA, is featuring a high-class furniture design with a more likely to a modern furniture style. Since the USA is known from its very meticulous creator in all aspects of quality and style, Pottery barn guaranteed the best value of style and design feature of every furniture piece, however, most of the furniture has a higher price range than the other furniture stores in Dubai. It is a sister company of West elm which is also a furniture store in Dubai.

Additional Tips in selecting furniture store in Dubai

Interior design arrangement most especially for the home should always have great considerations with the owner’s personality and lifestyle. Either you are redecorating, doing renovations or moving to your new home, make sure that you always consider your personality and lifestyle in all aspects of interior designing such as selecting the right furniture design to complete the full decorations. Remember that the natural sophistication comes when you deliver and emphasize your personality through your environment.

It is also advisable to go to a furniture store that offers the widest variety was in all the furniture and decorations that you need will be featured, as it will result for a time saving and very efficient furniture shopping. Consulting to an interior designer will also help a lot to achieve a stylish and organize design that will select the best furniture design and decorations that will be suitable for your concept. There will be a huge selections of furniture stores in Dubai, all you have to do is to make sure to select the best furniture store that offers premium class design, high quality materials and professional services from the selection to installations.