Antonovich Group provides complete furniture services, including fit-out work, manufacturing, and bespoke furniture service provider for home design. We promote extraordinary sophistication in a way that enhances the beauty and glam of each Luxury Apartment home design and outdoor surroundings. Your Luxury Apartment home design furniture must be carefully chosen to complement the décor, ambiance, and floor patterns. Any of these off-the-shelf things may be excessive in this situation. For a more formal impression, divide your sofas and other living room furnishings for every apartment home design. Little alcoves and nooks with a variety of seating provide a relaxed atmosphere. Your setting is enhanced with polished wood furniture with rectangular or circular seats. The choice of furnishings gives the Luxury apartment home design a distinct and pleasant appearance.

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Luxury apartment home designs are the epitome of luxury. We provide the utmost luxury, privacy, and a refined ambiance. Luxury apartment home design are frequently situated on higher floors of buildings and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Unlike ordinary apartment home design, these units have both a patio and a balcony. Antonovich Group interiors are welcoming but luxurious, and their design concepts are dynamic while adhering to a modern brief, making them the best fit-out company in Dubai. The Luxury apartment home design and décor must be appealing and in keeping with the room’s overall ambiance. There are a few design aspects that set them apart from other modern apartment home design, and we’ll go over a couple of them below.

Antonovich Group, Dubai’s leading fit-out company, designed this spectacular and extravagant Luxury apartment home design. This interior design firm carefully executes this high-quality project, providing us with a large and sumptuous living room interior design. With the elegance that only Antonovich Group can provide, this luxury living room mixes in nicely with Dubai’s elite and luxurious lifestyle.


Luxury apartment home designs flourish when they can bring the outside in. Because they were previously roof-top service rooms, they feature a lot of open space. Outdoor areas, whether modern or contemporary, may be designed with a variety of design features to meet your specifications. Instead of the cantilevered balconies found in previous Luxury apartment home designs, today’s setbacks serve as private terrace spaces for ambiance. A large open patio area invites exploring. Use natural, rough-hewn materials that imitate the outdoors, wrought iron furnishings, potted plants, soft lighting, and planter beds to create a rustic, earthy feel. Owners get much-needed rest and pleasure in their own backyards. They’re also ideal for use as party decks.